Cottagecore aesthetics: inspiration and our top picks

Cottagecore aesthetics: inspiration and our top picks

Drawing inspiration from nature and spending reckless summer days in the countryside has always been our favourite getaway, especially when life gets so hectic these days. Together with that comes our passion for vintage aesthetics, flowers, beautiful and slow living.

First, we started capturing this mood in our pictures and hand-made embroideries. After a while, it all merged into our brand of linen clothing for women and kids.

If you ever wondered what kind of style this is, now it finally has a name – it’s Cottagecore. So for today’s coffee break, dive into the story of this lifestyle and enjoy our curated photo gallery with lovely designs from our shop!

First comes a brief description

Cottagecore — is lifestyle aesthetics inspired by a romanticised interpretation of western agricultural life. It draws the most influence from the English countryside (hence its name), the Romantic and Victorian periods, altogether creating an idealised representation of farm life. 

Cottagecore in fashion: how to wear it?

— Cottagecore fashion commonly involves longer, loose-fitting clothing, for example, flowy dresses and skirts.

— It is also common to layer the clothing – adding apronsjackets and coats.

— Big pockets, puffy sleeves, and buttoned blouses also characterise the Cottagecore style very well.

— Finally, don’t forget to accessorise – add hand-crafted accessories such as hats, scarves, capes or bags.


Mix and match: main Cottagecore colours and patterns

Cottagecore features a naturalistic colour palette with neutral and warm tones, as well as pastels. Talking patterns, the most common ones are stripes, paisley, faded floral, and gingham.

Sustainability also matters

As Cottagecore is closely connected to nature, it cares about sustainability, too. Next to vintage items, the new Cottagecore products tend to use natural, long-lasting materials that would be eco-friendly and could serve generations to come.

All items from our shop are made of high-quality 100% linen, which is a natural material with many benefits we believe you gonna love, too. Read more about our favourite linen features here.

Cherry on top: embroidery

Cottagecore fashion may also feature handmade embroideries. Nature, of course, is one of the main visuals here, including such motifs as plants, animals, and insects.

Many garments from our shop can be complemented with beautiful embroidery, too — all you need to do is select the preferred option on the product purchase page.

See our complete list of embroideries on this page.




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