allthebeautifullinen brand is created by a mother and two daughters, inspired to design nostalgic, timeless, and romantic pieces for women and kids. Our products are made from premium quality linen and handcrafted with care for exceptional quality. Each item is hand-sewn, hand-cut, and embroidered by the human hand in Europe, Lithuania.


This is where all the beautiful things happen – from crafting new ideas to embroidering and photographing our latest designs.

Our seamstresses are based within easy reach, too, so we can keep a close eye on our production processes while staying local and sustainable.


Many garments from our shop can be complemented with beautiful handmade embroidery — all you need to do is select the preferred option on the product purchase page.

Each season we introduce a new collection of embroideries — floral, forest, magic — you name it.

All embroideries are made by hand at our studio. Thus, remember that the motive will be unique and a little bit different each time. Colours may vary as well to match the linen colour.


We create sustainable and timeless pieces that are ethically made – we treat our employees as equal, value fair pay, respect timelines, our customers and partners.

We are a small family-run business with local production and aspirations to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Linen — /linin/

We chose linen as our primary material because of its amazing features we believe you gonna love too. Take a look at a few of them:

- Above all — linen is sustainable, natural material with a lower environmental impact than cotton. It is also recyclable and biodegradable — a real conscious choice.

- Strong and durable fabric. If treated with care, linen garments are intended to last for many seasons or even generations to come, without losing shape after washing.

- Breathable. Linen fabric is famous for its thermo-regulating properties. Due to its porous nature, linen allows air to move around more freely, so it’s cooling in summer and warms you up on those colder days.

- Odour-resistant. Pure linen effectively soaks up moisture and quickly releases it into the environment. This is how linen helps suppress potentially harmful microorganisms and keeps you fresh.

- Considering the above, linen is hypoallergenic — kind to even the most sensitive skin, perfect for kids and newborns, too.

- Easy to care for. Linen garments can be machine washed or dry cleaned, with optional ironing or steaming.

- Versatile. Linen clothing allows to create various looks with ease — spray linen with water for a relaxed wrinkly look or iron for a perfect flat look, the choice is yours!

- Natural insect repellent. As a cherry on top — linen naturally repels insects and moths. So, no surprises after storing linen garments for a longer time, and an extra step towards the longevity of our clothing.

Once you go linen — you will never want to go back!