AW’22: New Embroideries & Patterns

AW’22: New Embroideries & Patterns

Embroidery is what makes our clothing stand out. Truly unique and creative, hand-made embroidery can complement most of our garments. All you need to do is select the preferred option on the product purchase page.

This autumn, we introduce nine new designs inspired by fairy tales. Explore all of them below!

  • Autumn Mouse

  • Boy Rabbit & Girl Rabbit

  • Bunny

  • Bunny & Snowberry

  • Fly-agaric & Berries

  • Pig & Mushroom 

  • Red Flower 

  • Rose & Swallow 

  • Two Mice

Together with new embroideries, we selected six new patterns to craft our products from. Some of them you will find labelled as a limited edition — it means we only have a limited amount of that linen and can only sell while it lasts. Thus, hurry up to order if you fancy these new patterns for your autumn adventures!

  • Blue Stripe

  • Farm Limited Edition

  • French Stripe Limited Edition

  • Green Gingham

  • Natural Polka Dot

  • Red Polka Dot


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